Thursday, September 3, 2015

Children's Rosary to Air Today on EWTN Global Catholic Network

We are very excited that EWTN will be airing the Children's Rosary today (September 13th) at 4:30 PM ET in  the United States and Canada.  We are very grateful that EWTN has added the Children's Rosary to its monthly programming schedule.

The Children's Rosary can be viewed LIVE streaming from anywhere in the world today at 4:30 PM ET LINK
Many have helped to make these videos a reality.  Children and members from around the world have prayed for the completion and release of these videos as they represent a window into a Children's Rosary prayer group.  Few adults can remember growing up as a child in a prayer group.  Yet children have a large capacity for prayer and have a need for their prayer life to be supported.  We hope that these new videos show the beauty and deep faith that exists in the hearts of children and the simplicity and love they bring to prayer.  We hope many hearts will be touched by the innocence of these little ones.
We plan to release a Children's Rosary DVD by October 1st which will contain all four mysteries shown on EWTN plus an additional bonus instructional video of how to begin a Children's Rosary prayer group and how to organize your first meeting with answers to frequently asked questions. Please continue to keep the completion of the DVD in your prayers.

If you are from another country other than the United States and Canada and would like to have the Children's Rosary air in your country please reach out to EWTN and request it.  They are very responsive to viewer requests.  We also encourage those who enjoy the Children's Rosary to let EWTN know of your feelings.  This is new programming for them and they value the feedback.
Contact for EWTN:

Phone: 205 271 2900
5817 Old Leeds Rd
Irondale, AL 35210 USA
Attn Viewer Services

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