Friday, August 14, 2015

"It is Not the Will of Your Heavenly Father that One of These Little Ones Be Lost"

This was part of the Gospel reading Tuesday at Mass.  The full Gospel is so beautiful but this little part seemed to grab hold of my heart.  

This is such a special gift Our Lord gives us.  He gives us the opportunity to all make it to heaven.  Unlike many things in this world there is no competition, no quota of losers.  Such a mentality is something I came to know during my four years of training in dental school. Unlike many dental schools the one I attended was pass/ fail.  There was a hope that we all could pass.  This created a very unique atmosphere of team work.  We all pooled our knowledge, helping to share notes or approaches to learn the material.  We all wanted each other to make it through.  Although the four years were indeed rigorous we rarely felt alone going through it.  

Our Lord shows us that getting to heaven is attainable for everyone.  He doesn't desire that anyone be lost.  He gives us each other for support.  He teaches us the power and strength of praying together, a Gospel we also heard this week at Mass.  

Indeed our journey here on earth is difficult but as Our Lord said, "it is not the will of your Heavenly Father that one of the these little ones be lost"( Mt 18:14).  Yes we can all make it!! There is no quota of souls that must fail. Recently at Mass I heard a priest say, We don't make it to heaven or hell alone we always take someone else with us.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could make it to heaven and bringing with us a great many souls.  
Yes, in many ways it is my hope that the Children's Rosary will be a place where children can come together to pray and be that support for each other.  It is my hope that together we may end our journey in the embrace of Our Lord and find our dear ones there with us.

Having been in a prayer group as an adult, I have experienced those dark times of suffering and struggle when you feel the weight of the cross on your shoulders and the voices of those praying around you are the most comforting sounds you could hear.  When you feel your own strength too weak to say the prayers aloud so you rely on your friends in the group to carry you.  

There were times of uncertainty and illness when a person in the group would say they were praying for me and that brought such comfort, hope and overwhelming gratitude.  It is at such a time that knowing another person is praying for you creates a spring of hope in ones soul. One is humbled to know that others are taking their time to pray in a special way for you alone.  Yes this is what a prayer group can do for a soul suffering.  We know each of us will be given a cross and to have others there to support us in this journey is a safety net.  Our children today need a safety net like never before.  They need to know that someone is praying for them and in turn they can offer prayers to another person when they see someone suffering.  A prayer group creates such an atmosphere of support.  

Our children need that same support.  Our Lord wants not one of these little ones to be lost.  
Please learn more about starting a Children's Rosary prayer group in your parish.LINK

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