Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fruits of Prayer

First meeting of the Children's Rosary at
St. Marguerite Parish 

The Children’s Rosary at St. Marguerite Parish in Brookfield, Connecticut had their first meeting yesterday, Friday January 17th.  The group leader of this new group is someone that the the different Children’s Rosary groups have been praying for in their meetings for several months.  She has several significant health problems which may require a heart and lung transplant. Yet despite her physical weakness she and her young daughter have founded this new Children’s Rosary group.  Seeing the picture she sent and all the children gathered after their Rosary one can see that indeed the Lord works so beautifully through the weak.  Drawing strength from Himself the most beautiful things can be realized and the fruits too numerous to count. Today in the daily reading at Mass we heard of the first King being anointed: Samuel who was from a family of little prominence and he was from the tribe of Benjamin the smallest of the 12 tribes.  Indeed Our Lord continues to show us that in our weakness we may Glorify Him.

Another beautiful grace given to this new group was to see one of the priests from St. Marguerite Parish had joined the children in prayer.  There is something particularly special about seeing a shepherd praying with children.

Thank you to all the Children’s Rosary groups for your prayers one can see that these have borne beautiful fruits with this group.  In a special way we thank the new Children’s Rosary group at St. Marguerite Parish.  For through your witness of courage we may all find encouragement in the crosses we carry.

Thank you all and God Bless.

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