Monday, January 27, 2014

Encouraging Feedback from One of Our Children's Rosary Groups

Dear Friends,

Recently I received a note from one of our Children's Rosary group leaders.  She runs a Children's Rosary group in a school in Pennsylvania.  Her note was so hopeful and also contained some wonderful ideas, that I asked permission to share it with you all.  

Dear Blythe,

Things are good... I hope, you, too are well and keeping warm!

Our group will meet tomorrow--  Mondays at 12:20 have been working out well!

We gave a rosary to each member of our group, as a Christmas gift.  The first-grade students had the most precious reaction.  Even though I teach 3rd grade, Sister Sarah invited me over to see the excitement--  one student said, "Now I can pray the rosary at home" and another student said, "I am going to keep the rosary in my pocket so Jesus and Mary will be with me."

In addition, each student in our school made a Christmas gift for their families--  a medicine box, similar to the ones Pope Francis passed out in the Vatican during a mid-November Angelus address.  We showed the video clip of the Pope's address to the students and then, invited them to make a box, which contained a rosary, the 59 heart pills the Pope recommended for everyone's spiritual health!  In addition, there was a little rosary pamphlet, Divine Mercy prayer card, and "medication" information sheet.  Hopefully, more of our families will be inspired to pray this most beautiful and efficacious prayer, the rosary.

I am so grateful to you for helping our group get started--  it has been such a blessing and source of hope!  Thank you for everything you are doing!

Take good care

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