Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween: A Return To Its Religious Roots

Many people have forgotten the religious significance of Halloween which means holy eve.  It is from the Old English all hallow E'en. The Feast day which it precedes is all Saints Day celebrated on November 1st.  This is directly followed by All Souls Day on November 2nd.  This year the children are dressing up as Saints and important religious figures in the Bible.  Alina age 12 is dressing up as St. Faustina and just tried on her costume tonight. Kostin who is 8 is dressing up as St. Francis of Assisi and little Asher, who is 5 is dressing up as Noah.  Please stay tuned for upcoming photos of the kids in costume.  All three could not be happier about their choices. My mom had shared with me that while she was growing up in the 1950s many children dressed up as saints.  It is sad to see this tradition slip away.  For our part, this Halloween, we are going to try and bring it back at least in our neighborhood. 
Today my daughter was invited to go to a pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin for carving.  When she came home later tonight she was so excited to show us what she had carved.  It was a large cross.  She told me she tried to carve Our Blessed Mother but it was too difficult and then happily settled on the cross.  She mentioned that there was some discussion at her friend's house about her choice.  It made me smile to hear how Alina had suggested a holy theme for the carving.  She shared with them that it was important to pick a religious theme as the meaning of the holiday is really about the Feast the next day.  To hear these words coming out of my daughter made me so grateful to our Lady.  I take no credit for my daughters inward desire to show her love of her faith.  This is a gift from Our Lord and a fruit  of prayer of the Holy Rosary.  More and more I see that our Lady guides our children and protects them when we call upon her through the rosary.  She keeps them simple and pure.  She keeps them children when the world is calling them to grow up too fast.
Seeing this cross a glow in front of our house there is a sense of waiting.  An anticipation for the holy Feasts yet to come.  Might this simple statement of a child remind us all where our hearts should be on October 31st: a truly holy eve.

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