Thursday, April 2, 2020

Today is the 15 Year Anniversary of the Passing of St. John Paul II

Cardinal Dziwisz, who was the Secretary to the late Pope John Paul II, has asked all people at 9:37 PM, local time tonight in Poland, to light a candle. This will be the exact 15 year anniversary of the passing of St. John Paul II. 

Let us ask St. John Paul II to intercede for us. 

Please look up your local time that coincides with 9:37 PM local time in Poland. For those living in the Eastern time in the US it will be 3:37 PM. 

St. John Paul II has been a powerful intercessor for the Children's Rosary. All of our Children's Rosary books, CDs, and DVDs have been dedicated to the Holy Trinity, Our Blessed Mother, and in gratitude for the intercession of St. John Paul II.

Providentially, last night my three kids helped in planting a rose officially named, Pope John Paul II, by the Rose Company Jackson and Perkins. We will look forward to the white blooms that may follow. 

St. John Paul II Pray For Us

Visit our site and click "Join in Prayer" when you light your candle. This will add a gold twinkling light to the map of the world.

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