Saturday, April 11, 2020

A Light Goes Out

Good Friday something beautiful happen. We were keeping vigil with a candle. The candle we had been using during prayer time well before yesterday. We did different things throughout the day such as Rosary, listening to the Gospel of John, an hour of quiet prayer leading up until 3 PM. At 3 we finished quiet prayer. One of my children rang a bell exactly at 3PM and we were preparing to start the Chaplet of Divine Mercy when I looked at the candle and saw it was out. It had fully burned to the bottom. The last time I looked it had been lit. One of my children said, "it is probably hard already" but when he put his finger into the puddle of wax it was very much soft. It had gone out right at 3PM to the best we could tell. The timing was so perfect. It has left us in awe of the Providence of God. 

Yesterday was also the 9th Anniversary of the first meeting of the Children's Rosary. Nine days of Masses were completed on April 9th for the fulfillment of Our Lady's plans for the Children's Rosary. April 10th, the anniversary, was Good Friday so there were no Masses. Today begins the 9 days of Masses in Thanksgiving. These will conclude on Divine Mercy Sunday. We are planning on 3 Masses a day to be celebrated in Thanksgiving during each of the days of the Novena. This 18 days of Masses is something we do each year surrounding the anniversary. We wish the Children's Rosary to be something guided by Our Blessed Mother to help us all to come close to her son, Jesus. As the most perfect of Mothers, Our Lady has taught us, her children, to remember to thank God. Hence, we follow our humble request with thanksgiving. This year we were only able to have 2 Masses said for the 9 days of petition. But we are most grateful that 3 Masses a day could be arranged for the days of thanksgiving. 

We pray that all may have a most Blessed Triduum.
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