Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Sponsor a Box of Rosaries for Nigeria

This year the Children's Rosary has sent out 18,813 rosaries within the United States and to places like Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania, and Pakistan. Mission packages have been given to priests and religious to help begin groups in India, Haiti and Ghana. We try to do a lot with very little and our approach is to focus on each request we receive and see if we can help that person. 

Today we are trying to send out a box of 355 handmade rosaries, 20 Children's Rosary books, 21 welcome packets for schools and 10 welcome packets for Parishes. These will be the seeds for new Children's Rosary groups. We are excited that Fr. Paul Miapkwap has finished his three years of advanced studies in Rome. He had begun a Children's Rosary in his Parish in Nigeria before being sent to Rome. While in Rome, he told many priests and religious about the Children's Rosary and his experiences. He is now returning home to Nigeria and hopes to set to work spreading the Children's Rosary in his home Diocese. We very much would love to send him materials. Our funds however are extremely tight and we are in need of a sponsor for the package. If you are able to help please consider making an online donation or sending one. The cost to send the package and contents is $120. The postage alone is $96.00.
Donations can be made ONLINE or made out to Children's Rosary Inc and mailed to:

Children's Rosary
PO Box 271743
West Hartford CT 06107 USA

The Children's Rosary is a non profit organization in the United States.

Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. May God bless you abundantly.

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