Saturday, September 28, 2019

9 Day Fast from September 29th through October 7th 2019

Dear Friends,

Every fall we humbly invite members of the Children's Rosary to join together to offer sacrifices to Our Lord. Our time here on earth is just a blink of the eye and for all time we will be grateful we made good use of it. For some of us fasting can take the form of a bread and water fast. Yet for others, this may not be possible due to age or illness and so we invite individuals to prayerfully reflect on what is possible to give up. Even children can find little ways of offering sacrifices.

We humbly would like to invite members of the Children's Rosary to fast these 9 days for Our Lady's intentions and for her plans.

Just as we give Our Blessed Mother our fasting we also entrust to her all our concerns. We are her children. As a tiny child brings all he or she has and gives it to his or her mother, we too do the same. We should not hold back anything that weighs on us. We should freely bring everything to her. There is no fear that she holds anything back for herself: it all goes to her Son, Jesus, but in a way so much more pleasing than if we had given it ourselves. For Our Lady embodies all the virtues perfectly and her gifts are always pleasing.

Please see these days as ones of a beautiful collaboration with the Queen of Heaven. Freely give her everything but take the time to entrust all that concerns you such as your family, your personal sanctification, your parish and also please entrust to her the Children's Rosary.

We thank you for prayerfully considering joining this 9 days of fasting. To summarize, this will begin on September 29th and the last day of fasting will be October 7th. The intention of the fast is for Our Lady's intentions and her plans. We humbly ask you to entrust to Our Lady during this fast the Children's Rosary and a special intention of the founder of the Children's Rosary. Please entrust to Our Lady all the personal concerns you have within your heart. This is a journey of trust and living in a way witnessed through St. Therese, who taught us to always have the confidence of a child. Confidence and trust not in ourselves but in love of Our Heavenly Mother and her Son Jesus.

Thank you all,
Your Friend in Christ,

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