Thursday, September 12, 2019

Happy Feast of the Holy Name of Mary 2019!

On the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary it seemed a perfect time to share one of the drawings we received from the children during our trip to Africa. The drawing above was done by one of the Children's Rosary members in Uganda. The title begins: Mary Loving Mother. Indeed Our Blessed Mother is a most loving Mother to all of us. While in Uganda, we were able to speak to a priest who has a Children's Rosary in his parish. He is also as we found out an exorcist. I asked him if during exorcisms the evil spirits ever say anything about Mary. He said they do not use her name as it is fire to their tongues. Yet for us who are still on our journey to Heaven calling on the name of Mary brings blessings. We should always remember to call upon Mary in any moments of need. 

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