Friday, September 14, 2018

Add Your Light to Illuminate the Darkness

Many might not be aware but we have a special map on our site. This is called a View from Heaven. It is the view that we imagine Our Lord and Our Lady have when they look at the world. Instead of seeing the lights of homes and cars they see the lights of prayers. When a Children's Rosary group meets a blue twinkling light flashes on the View from Heaven map while they are praying. There is an invitation under the map to "join in prayer". By clicking the "join in prayer" button you can add a gold twinkling light for thirty minutes. We humbly ask each Children's Rosary group to pray for those unifying prayers so if a group is meeting the children are asked to pray for those joining in prayer. 

Even when a group is not meeting we hope to have a gold light twinkling flashing. While people come and go on the site not everyone hits the join in prayer button. We have found that if a light is twinkling then people are more likely to begin praying and click join in prayer.
We have a hope that the light on the View from Heaven will never go out and Our Lord and Our Lady will always find someone in prayer. To this end we have begun asking people to become "Core Lights" these are people who have committed to adding their light each day. They click the button and for thirty minutes pray. They simply say at the beginning of their time that they wish to unify prayers with the members of the Children's Rosary praying and by clicking the button they join those also unifying in prayer on the map.

We try to have Masses said for the "Core Lights". Today on the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross a Mass is being celebrated for the sanctification of those who are "Core Lights" on our Children's Rosary website. If you would like to become a "Core Light" please email Blythe at

Thank you.

We made a little video that helps show the concept of the View from Heaven. It is available to view HERE. It is only 2 minutes.
One can also watch it narrated in Spanish HERE.

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