Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Meet Lucky

We thought the children might like to meet Lucky. He is a rooster that was thrown to the side of the road without a home. My mother passed by him on the road and her heart was moved to stop and try to rescue him as she has a farm.  My children helped in trying to perform the rescue.  The rooster had a wonderful personality. The rescue was a success. He was so happy to have a home.  My mom appropriately called him Lucky. Last summer the kids were happy to witness baby chicks born on the farm thanks to Lucky's presence. We shared pictures of the chicks last summer. Lucky was the father of the baby chicks. Two of the babies now look just like him. 

Well Lucky had a rough winter.  He became sick with a cold and had to live inside the house where it was warm for a period of time.  My daughter when she was visiting would sit with him and hold him. He loved the attention. He slowly made a recovery from his cold and was able to return to the barn with the hens.  It appears Lucky may be an older rooster as this spring he had some difficulty with walking. My daughter when visiting, gladly carries him around the farm to help him.They have become close. One time my daughter shared with me when she picked up Lucky he put his head against the front of her shoulder.

This is just a little story of kindness nothing more. It is about a rooster thrown to the side of the road. It is about a child's friend named Lucky.

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