Saturday, May 19, 2018

Children Help to Construct Church Named after the Holy Spirit

We are excited to share that there is a new Catholic Church in Kotly Raet Wali Pakistan. The realization of this is a witness of prayer. In particular the prayers of children.

Children in this village have been meeting regularly as a Children's Rosary prayer group. They were an outpost of a central parish but in their village there was no Catholic Church. In faithfulness they continued to pray.  Then families in the village began to discuss the possibility of building a Church.  The children helped in gathering people together and putting on a prayer event outside. (see picture below)

Those in attendance could donate to the building of the Church. As a result funds were gathered.

The construction began. The name chosen for the new Church was Holy Spirit Church.

The Children's Rosary group requested a statue of Mary for the tiny church as they had none. A statue was kindly donated to the Children's Rosary by the TFP and sent to Pakistan. The group leader received the package in Pakistan!! Our Lady was intact with no damage from the long trip.

There was some delay in bringing Our Lady to the Church as they were working on a permanent ceiling for the Church.

The picture below is the new secure ceiling which was completed in time for Pentecost!
The children also helped in the construction of the Church. It is beautiful to see how Our Lady leads the children in prayer to give honor to God in all three persons including the Holy Spirit. The group leader of the Children's Rosary in Kotli Rait Wali said the community is very happy. 

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