Saturday, June 25, 2016

14 New Children's Rosary Groups Form in Kenya!

We have received some wonderful news this week.  Br. Cleophus has shared that 14 new Children's Rosary groups have formed in the region of Rombo, Kenya.  This is a rural region near the border of Tanzania with many small outposts and communities.  The picture above was taken on June 12th 2016.  This is the new Children's Rosary group at St. Mathias Mulumba Maili Tatu.  

Please continue to keep Br. Cleophus in your prayers as he has been recovering from an infection in his spinal cord.  Despite this serious illness he continues to try to be present with the children when they meet to pray.  The meeting on June 12th pictured above  he attended after being discharged the prior day from the hospital.  

We hope in the coming weeks to continue to feature some of these new Children's Rosary groups that have formed in Kenya.

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