Saturday, June 11, 2016

St. Jean Vianney's Thoughts on Public Prayer

Recently in reading the book the Curé d'Ars to the children, I came upon this beautiful little portion about the power of coming together in prayer which I wanted to share:
"He (St. Jean Vianney) preferred public prayer to private prayers. "Private Prayer," he used to say resembles straw scattered here and there over a field; if it is set on fire, the flame is not a powerful one; but if you gather those scattered straws into a bundle, the flame is bright, and rises in a lofty column towards the sky: such is public prayer."

Indeed we hope these Children's Rosary groups meeting around the world will be like bright lights going up to heaven.  The photo above was taken of eight Children's Rosary groups meeting together at St. Anthony Parish in Ogbodu Aba, Nigeria.  If you would like to consider starting a Children's Rosary group in your parish more information is provided HERE.

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