Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Children's Rosary in Nairobi Welcomes Pope Francis with Their Prayers

Children's Rosary at Assumption Parish Nairobi
Shortly after Pope Francis' visit to the United States an email came from one of our Children's Rosary groups in Nairobi.  The group leader shared that the children in her group at Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Nairobi, Kenya were preparing for Pope Francis' visit to Nairobi.  This was the first I had heard of Our Holy Father's Visit to Africa as little was being reported about it.  Yet the people in Kenya had received the news and the little hearts of the children were dancing.  

The group leader shared that the children were preparing something special for Pope Francis and were waiting to hear if they had been selected to personally welcome him.  Weeks went by as the children waited and continued their preparations.  Finally the word came that they were not selected to meet the Holy Father as he would be visiting some children in the Kangemi slum.  The children although disappointed were very happy for the children in Kangemi.  

Children's Rosary in Kibera Slum
Thinking about the many children in the Children's Rosary groups in Nairobi both the children at Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta parish but also the children at Holy Trinity Parish, Assumption Parish and the children who meet in the Kibera Slum a wonderful little thought came.  It was a gentle, joyful thought.  The little children in these groups throughout Nairobi have been praying and meeting in their little Children's Rosary prayer groups for a coupe of years.  They have been praying for Our Holy Father.  

It is beautiful to see that after so many prayers from these little ones that they would be graced by a visit of Our Holy Father to their city.  To have the Holy Father come and bless your homeland is a special grace indeed.  These children after so many times coming together with Rosaries in hand on their knees will have Our Holy Father visiting in less than 24 hours! 

While the children will not be welcoming Pope Francis in person their prayers welcome him.

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