Monday, June 29, 2015

Behind the Scenes

The Children's Rosary has been abustle with packages going out, new groups registering and pictures coming in from groups around the world.  

The children and I are keeping our heads down and working very hard while still protecting our special time in prayer.  It is hard to call it working though as it is difficult to imagine doing anything else and such time serving Our Lord and Our Lady brings a great amount of joy. Each person that contacts us or group that writes with news is a little gift that brightens our day.  We try to share these blessings here on the Children's Rosary website that all may see the graces being poured down.  These are very exciting and blessed times.  Some may wonder if I am reading the same news but to see every day more and more children around the world gathering together as prayer groups seems to send a river of hope to one's soul.  

As you can see from the picture above almost all the materials that go out to our groups pass through the hands of children.  As I have a joint disability I cannot pack boxes.  The children put the packages together and carry them either by hand or red wagon to the post office.  As one can see the red flyer wagon has seen better days.  One side is completely missing of the wood and two more are barely holding one.  We lost one screw today so we will see how the old wagon fairs with her other sides.  Yet the wear on the old wagon is a welcome sight as it speaks to the many trips it has made carrying boxes to groups around the world.  The children all know the post office staff by name and they all look for the children each day coming with more Rosaries, prayer books or CDs headed somewhere in the world.  

It felt important to share the behind the scenes of the Children's Rosary.  Sometimes we are unable to update the weekly meeting times of the groups with the schedule changing day by day.  Please know we are working on improving this system of sharing the weekly meeting times.  We are praying very hard and seeking help in creating a registration portal so group leaders will be able to manage their meeting schedule and these times will display so others can unify prayers with the children. 

We would like to thank the many members of the Children's Rosary that are working in the vineyard.  We have our group leaders who sacrifice so much of themselves and pray with the children, we have members traveling around the world in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and throughout the Unites States and Canada sharing Children's Rosary materials and helping to sow new seeds.  We have radio stations helping to bring the voices of the children to the airwaves that they may touch hearts. We have members working on new music for the Children's Rosary.  Yet other members giving of their talent to work on translations of our Children's Rosary book in many languages.  There are others who are making Rosaries and donating them to the Children's Rosary that we may make them available to new groups.

It is humbling to see how many people have come forward to help.  

My simple appeal to you all tonight is don't give up.  There are many times of discouragement and questioning if it is worth holding a Children's Rosary prayer group meeting.  Maybe you wonder if any good is coming from it.  Please be assured that each prayer and each meeting is the wind that is blowing these seeds to far places and deep into the hearts of our little ones.  These children have pure fertile soil. The fruits of these prayer groups will yield for years to come.  Grandparents can know that their grandchildren are forming memories and experiences of prayer that will last their whole lives.  This is one of the most precious insurance policies a parent can give their child.  Each child will need to rely on that policy sometime in their lives.  

Please stay close to the Children's Rosary website tomorrow as there is a beautiful announcement coming.  It is the fruit of many prayers.

Thank you all and God Bless.

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