Tuesday, January 27, 2015

May We Be One

"I am praying for them" (John 17:9)

Indeed we know that Our Lord is praying for us but what is His prayer?  This too he shares with us:

"Holy Father keep them in thy name, which thou hast given Me, that they may be one, even as we are one" (John 17:11)

Indeed the Children's Rosary seeks to joined children together around the globe in prayer of the Rosary.  A prayer that allows each of us to ponder and contemplate the life of Our Lord.  
Through faithful time in prayer, Our Lord allows us to see that our world is actually very small indeed. Children are children whether they be in Singapore, Africa or here in the USA.

In an effort to continue to share our faith we have a wonderful opportunity. Recently a women named Maria contacted the Children's Rosary.  She had stumbled on our site and felt moved to reach out.  She wanted to feature the Children's Rosary on her blog.  In speaking with her she shared that she is originally from Mexico and was named after Our Lady of Guadalupe.  She is now a dressmaker in California.  As she speaks Spanish I mentioned that we are trying to reach out to the Spanish community and that we have a Spanish website www.rosariodenino.org  

After visiting our Spanish site she wrote us with a very generous offer.  She wanted to give the Children's Rosary a gift.  She wanted to offer one child per month for Feb, March and April 2015 the opportunity to pick one item free from her website.  Her site features beautiful dresses and boys suits from small sizes through teens.  The link provided is to the first communion section of the site but she also has many other things. Maria was very generous indeed as she indicated that the chosen child per month could choose any one thing on her website and she would ship anywhere in the world.  

After prayer and reflection this is how we would like to choose the recipient of this beautiful offer.  We would like to invite all children who are a part of the Children's Rosary to send in a drawing of a mystery of the Rosary.  Each month will have a theme:

February Annunciation
March Resurrection
April Descent of the Holy Spirit/Pentecost

Each child who submits a picture will be entered in a drawing.  There will be three drawings one per month.  Three children total will be selected. We would also like to highlight some of the drawings submitted on our Children's Rosary website so please only submit if you are comfortable with your drawing being featured.  Please include in pencil on the back the child's first name, city and state with country and child's age. Please also send us your email address so we can contact you if your child is chosen.

The deadline for submission is:
Annunciation drawings Feb 25th
Resurrection drawings March 25th
Pentecost drawings April 25th
One can include in the submission all three pictures and the child will be entered each month.
Please send pictures to

Children's Rosary 
PO Box 271743
West Hartford CT 06127 USA
or if you live outside the United States and postage would be a hardship, pictures done by a child can be scanned into a jpeg format and emailed to contactchildrensrosary@gmail.com
If you live outside the US and one does not have access to a scanner one can take a digital picture of the child holding the drawing and mail it to contactchildrensrosary@gmail.com

Example of artwork sent previously to the
Children's Rosary "Nativity"
Different mediums are encouraged for the hand done pictures of the mysteries: crayon, marker, watercolor, paint etc.  White or colored paper would be wonderful.  We truly would like to see how children from all around the world envision these beautiful mysteries.  To see into the eye of children praying around the world is a blessing indeed.  Paper size approximately 8.5 x 11 inches. 

Regarding how one defines a member of the Children's Rosary.  This would be any child who attends a Children's Rosary prayer group or a child who has told the Lord in his heart he would like to be a part of the Children's Rosary and has unified prayers with one of our groups when they are meeting.  We usually have a schedule of when groups are meeting up each week on this website.

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