Friday, January 2, 2015

A Message of Thanksgiving!

This past summer the Children's Rosary group leader, Inez,  from Immaculate Conception Church in North Delta British Columbia, Canada traveled through Kenya visiting our established Children's Rosary groups and also helping to begin more.  Inez traveled with her 16 year old daughter, her niece and her husband.  They were our ambassadors extending love and also sharing time in prayer.  Inez carried with her more than 1,000 Rosaries giving them out to the children.  
Children lining up to receive a Rosary

The video above is of the children from our Children's Rosary at Holy Trinity Church in Karobangi, Kenya.  They began their Children's Rosary close to 2 years ago.  They have a message of thanksgiving for the rosaries they received this summer.  

These rosaries are such a blessing.  I remember shortly after this group began receiving a note from the group leader that with so many children wanting to participate she only had rosaries for the older children and many of the younger ones thus did not come as there was not enough for them.  To think of little ones wanting to pray and hold a Rosary in their hand yet there were not enough to go around.

The rosaries hand delivered by Inez were so warmly received and this Christmas we sent a box with more.  The message above from the children is one of thanksgiving but for all of us watching there is another message coming of HOPE.  

Our future is bright.  

There has been sacrifice this year through so many who are part of the Children's Rosary.  Faithfulness through prayer and a tireless effort to reach out to more children not only in Africa but in our home parishes.   There have been times when we wonder if our little effort or prayer made a difference.  May I let the children speak for me.  Yes, it all makes a difference.  

The reality of this video is the culmination of each and every prayer said.  Inez shared with me that she had a thought one night almost a year ago...wouldn't it be wonderful to spread the Rosary during her summer trip to Kenya.  That night she found our Children's Rosary website and there on our list were two established groups exactly where she would be traveling.  Divine Providence?
Inez distributing the Rosaries

This was a gift.  Months of preparation would follow which involved coordinating with our two Children's Rosary group leaders Irene and Antonine in Kenya.  Inez would make more connections that would allow her to meet more beautiful people and help to begin more groups.  Yet all the while faithful Children's Rosary groups were meeting all over the world providing the prayers that would safely carry her from Canada to Africa and back home again.  The grace would not stop there the excitement she experienced in Kenya was carried home to her own parish Children's Rosary group.  Again I cannot underscore enough that for many of us including myself the trip she made would be almost impossible.  For my own part, my health is not very good.  Yet together working as one Our Lord accomplishes more than the individual parts.  We work as one.  Always supported in prayer.  It is a beautiful way to begin the New Year knowing so much good is happening.  That we are part of something that is unfolding and bringing so many prayers to the crib of Our Lord.  With Our Blessed Mother beside us and our rosaries in hand we truly have nothing to fear.  

Thank you all so much for all you do.  Please never question the value of your prayers.

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