Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cause of Our Joy

May I share some wonderful news.  The Children's Rosary will air tomorrow January 4th on the show "Cause of Our Joy".  The show airs each Sunday from 7-8AM ET on WACE 730 AM located in Chicopee, Massachusetts USA.  The host Joe Ott will begin the program with the Children's Rosary theme song "Rosary Children" followed by the Children's Rosary.  The second half of his program tomorrow will be an interview about the Children's Rosary.  As we are in winter, the station will go full power at 7:15 AM broadcasting the program through portions of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  Prior to 7:15 AM in the winter the show airs low power and can be heard only in the Springfield region of Massachusetts so if you tune in and the station does not come in please try back at 7:15.  As the days become longer, as we move through winter, the show will begin with full power.  It is particularly special that the Children's Rosary will air tomorrow broadcast from Springfield Massachusetts area as this is the anniversary of the passing of Theresa Marie Banas.  Terrry, as she was known to many, was a member of the Children's Rosary and regularly prayed for us.  She had a strong lifelong devotion to the Rosary.  She led the Rosary each Saturday in a rehabilitation center and also belonged to a weekly adult Rosary group.  It is fitting that she was buried in a cemetery named after the Holy Rosary.  Terry remained single through her life and was a wonderful support to her brother who is a priest at Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Granby, MA.  

In speaking with Joe about the show and Terry he beautifully suggested we offer the Rosary tomorrow in memory of Terry, as the children's prayers would be going out both on her anniversary and over the region she lived in her whole life.  

The blessings would continue.  Joe Ott shared that he would like to begin his hour program each week airing the Children's Rosary.  This unexpected gift comes after a great many prayers have been said by members of the Children's Rosary from around the world.  It has been our prayer to bring our recorded Children's Rosary to the airwaves.  We have seen beautiful fruits come through these innocent children and their tender voices praying the Rosary.  

In marveling and thinking about this beautiful gift that was given to the Children's Rosary prayer group movement, one begins to contemplate the name of the show: Cause of Our Joy.  This is taken from the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  One of her invocations is Cause of Our Joy. Indeed Our Lady is always helping us when we come to her in prayer.  In a special way on the observed Feast of the Epiphany tomorrow may Our Blessed Mother carry these prayers of the children to the very crib of Our Lord and present them to Him.

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