Friday, July 11, 2014

"I Will Love Them Freely"

This was a portion of the first reading today at Mass.  It is from Hosea in which God speaks of His love for Israel despite periods of faithlessness.

Such words took beautiful meaning today during an interesting series of events.  Our local Parish some time ago had to cease holding Friday Masses due to a shortage of priests.  Thus in order to attend Mass on Friday I must travel a further distance to another parish.  Reaching places not within a close distance of my house is a bit more challenging as I do not drive due to a genetic joint disability. However, my husband is so kind as to drive me each Friday around 7AM on his way to work.  After Mass I walk usually walk about a mile and then catch a city bus which takes me to the town center from which I can walk home.  On occasion I have missed the bus and had to walk all the way home.  With my disability such a walk is hard but with frequent breaks on park benches I can make it home slowly.  There has been a feeling, if the Lord gives me the grace to be able to walk then such a journey is a blessed one.

Today something interesting happened.  I decided to stay after Mass and go to Confession.  A decision I realized that might mean I could miss the bus.  Yet I had the time today and so I thought if such a thing happens it will be okay.  After Confession I was very glad to have stayed and the priest's parting words were to thank those around me and Our Lord frequently.  Off I went on a rather brisk pace in hopes of reaching the bus stop in time.  As I approached the intersection I saw the bus coming.  The bus stop was far in the distance.  I could see it would be impossible for me to make it to the stop in time.  The bus turned in front of me.  I caught a glimpse of the bus driver.  It was not someone I knew.  A quick thought entered my mind to try and wave him down but just as fast I remembered how the bus drivers really don't like stopping at unofficial stops.  Not that they are unkind but this is part of the bus company policy.  As the bus went by me my heart took a sigh.  Oh, I had a long walk ahead of me but all was still okay.  Then something unexpected.  The bus put on its blinker and pulled over not at a bus stop.  It seemed to be waiting for me.  I almost could not believe my eyes.  As I came to the door it opened.  Stepping on I asked, "How did you know?"  He said, "I didn't, she told me".  And then I looked behind him and their was a young women sitting right behind him.  She smiled at me.  She was the only person on this long articulating bus (this basically means it is a bus the length of two normal buses with a connector in the middle).  I knew the women, her name is Lourdes, and she occasionally is on the bus and sometimes goes to our church.  I immediately thanked them both.  She asked me if I had just come from Mass and I answered, yes.

As I sat down so much love welled up in my heart.  I could not help but feel this intervention had been at the hand of Our Lord.  As I mulled it over something struck me.  If I had missed the bus I would have struggled home but by the grace of God I would have made it.  I was in no obvious danger merely some small bit of suffering possibly.  Yet I felt the Love of Our Lord saying, today I wanted to show you that I love you and although you could have walked I wanted to give you some rest just because I love you.  While I heard no vocal words to this effect this was the sentiment that came in my heart.  It was love given freely.  It was not a prayer that I should catch the bus.  I had not thought to pray for such a thing.  It was Our Lord's idea.  A gesture to remind us that He is always there,  always watching, always caring for us.  Even when there is no absolute need, He may intervene just because He wants to show us how much love He has for us.  These things as we are reminded in Scripture come not because we have warranted such acts of kindness and love for so often I truly feel I disappoint Our Lord.  But in spite of all this there is an abundance of love and kindness showered down upon us.

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