Monday, July 7, 2014

Children Sharing Their Love of the Rosary with Others

During the month of May members of the Children's Rosary shared Rosaries with members of their respective Parishes.  The idea came from the Children's Rosary at St. Thomas Becket Parish in Cheshire, Connecticut.  Many of our Children's Rosary groups decided they too wanted to join in.  Two beautiful things became evident as the children were given the opportunity to share that which has become so dear to them.   The first is that both young and old are wonderfully patient and open to things children wish to share with them...allowing the children  to be wonderful evangelizers for the Lord.  The second beautiful realization is that children love to share their faith and joy pours out of them as they are doing it.  The younger it would seem the more excited the children are to help.  What was it that the children were so eager to share with each person that was leaving the Church?  

It was the prayer that they had been praying together for months as a prayer group: the Holy Rosary.  Something many people think is fading away in the lives of our young people.  But in fact something powerful is happening.  Not only are our children embracing the Rosary they are the ones trying to bring back this wonderful devotion of prayer in their families and those who distantly remember such things from years past.

One of our Children's Rosary group leaders shared, "Most gratifying, for me, was seeing whole families taking rosaries with each parent and child taking one. The young families were the most touching and their hearts were so open. Many grandmothers ran back and asked if they might take extra for their grandkids. One man said that he used to say the Rosary but had forgotten how. He was happy when we showed him the instructions in the little packet. Another man said he had never said the Rosary but wanted to learn. Open hearts!" 
These beautiful stories are not uncommon in our Children's Rosary groups.  Children have a wonderful affect on those around them.  People will admit complete ignorance of such things as the Rosary to a child yet be reserved with another adult.  What a beautiful mystery at how children bring out a genuine humility in those around them. 

More and more there is an awareness of what an untapped resource our children are for our Church.  

A very special thank you to Holy Cross Family Ministries who generously donated thousands of Rosaries to many of our Children's Rosary groups so that the children could share them during the month of May in their parishes.

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