Friday, December 7, 2012

The Children's Rosary Celebrated the Day of the Little Candles

After many days of making lanterns, finally this day arrived to put them out  in front of our house right at sunset. Since this is the first time the Children's Rosary celebrated this special Colombian tradition in honor of  Our Lady's Immaculate Conception we could barely wait for the sun to go down. The kids were excited organizing lanterns, putting the candles in and then there was the lighting.  The most beautiful part was seeing the Virgin in front of the door lit by a circle of candles. Our youngest son Asher just 5 years old, sat quietly with her.

As if Mother Nature knew that “traditionally” during the Day of the Little Candles it always rains in Colombia, today it also rained in West Hartford, CT USA.  This was no reason to stop this beautiful tradition.  Despite some rather steady rain the candles remained lit. Sitting inside praying a rosary it was an interesting view to watch the candles flickering through the colored windows of the lanterns in the shape of Our Lady. Watching the rain fall I wondered why it should seem to always rain on this eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  It then occurred that with rain there is always a washing clean a refresh of all that is dirty and dry.  Could it be that our Lady comes to lead us in purity and bring us cool water to quench our thirst for the things from above.  

May Our Blessed Mother shower us with blessing this night and tomorrow and draw us to a renewed holiness and purity of heart. Amen. Thank you all for sharing this eve of the Immaculate Conception with us.

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