Thursday, October 14, 2021

Further Fortification for Our Lady's Victory Garden

Each fall we humbly invite those involved with the Children's Rosary to do a 9 day fast. To the extent people are able we invite them to participate. Some are able to do a bread and water fast; others sacrifice something else. This year the fasting journey lasted from September 29-October 7. 

Recently we shared pictures of our garden, which is entirely enclosed. We likened it to spiritually gardening after one does a Consecration to Jesus through Mary. The fruits are protected. For so many years it was the squirrels that feasted off the kids' hard work in the garden. At the end of last year, we built this enclosure. We named the garden "Our Lady's Victory Garden." We could not believe the bounty we harvested from the garden this summer. 

During the fasting journey we had the idea to dig a trench around the outside of Our Lady's Victory garden and put wire mesh. In this way, going forward, if any critters try to dig down to access the garden, they will be prevented. In many ways it seemed this was a beautiful imagery of the fasting journey. The Consecration journey could be likened to the garden enclosure above ground. The fast, however, goes deep and provides yet further protection from even the most aggressive attacks. While we did not have animals digging this year, Our Lady's Victory Garden is ready for next growing season with yet further fortification.

We thought you might like to see some of our fall harvest of winter squash and gourds.

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