Saturday, May 2, 2020

Children Unite in Prayer During the Pandemic

The Children's Rosary is a prayer group movement where children meet together in Churches, schools or in orphanages to pray the Rosary. Since the pandemic has hit, many schools and Churches are closed. Yet the children are not blocked from picking up their rosaries. The Children's Rosary from the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury, Connecticut would have met at 3:30 PM today in the Church. With the current pandemic, the children could not meet together at the the Church to pray.  Yet, the children still knelt in prayer at 3:30 PM united from where they were. Five families who participate in the group united in prayer. 

Four families were in their homes and one family prayed outside at the Shrine of Lourdes in Litchfield, Connecticut. 

The children look forward to when they once again can meet together and pray but for now they are connected in prayer through the Rosary! We thank the children for their dedication to prayer. Our families and world are in so much need of the children's prayers. We hope these children will be an inspiration to other families and children to begin Children's Rosary prayer groups in their parishes and schools. Find out more at this: link

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