Thursday, March 26, 2020

"We offered our rosary for the children who receive them"

We received a package this week from a 5th grade faith formation class from St. Joseph Church in Hastings, Minnesota USA. The note read:

Enclosed are 7 rosaries our faith formation class is sending you for our "service project" this year. We are 5th graders and have learned how to pray the rosary on these beads. We offer our rosary for the children who receive them. Thank you for your ministry. God bless you.

We were very excited to receive this box. We will be including these rosaries in the packages we send out to new Children's Rosary groups.

We encourage other faith formation classes who would like to do a service project to send rosaries to the Children's Rosary. It is a fun activity to learn how to make a rosary and then send it to be shared with another child. Offering prayers as these children did to accompany their rosaries was an added gift!!

Thank you all

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