Friday, March 20, 2020

Unite with Us in Prayer!

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus many may be at home unable to attend school or work. Churches in many places are closed such as in our Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut USA. To limit the spread of the virus we are encouraged to stay away from others in the community. Yet in prayer we can remain united. We would like to humbly ask for your help. Please unite with us in prayer. While we are in our homes let us make these homes like little chapels: each family a Domestic Church. If you have children bring them together to pray the Rosary, read Scripture and simply bring all your worries and concerns to Our Lord. Before you begin praying please visit click the button: Join in Prayer. This will add a gold blinking light for 30 minutes on our View from Heaven Map. One of my children came over excitedly to tell me that there was a light in Gadsden, Alabama as we were praying. It does not matter if you are a single person praying or a family. Join us in prayer. You can be praying the Rosary or quietly meditating. Your choice of prayer is your own. We simply invite you to unify and let others be united with you on our View from Heaven map. 

Add your light and illuminate our dark world in prayer at

We have a video which helps to depict the idea behind the View from Heaven map.

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