Sunday, May 12, 2019

Our Lady is Crowned Many Times by the Children this Weekend

We share these pictures from the May crownings that were held this weekend at St. Peter Claver Parish in West Hartford, Connecticut USA and also St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in West Hartford, Connecticut. 

At St. Peter Claver we had a tiny group to begin our Children's Rosary meeting. It was just our three children. Asher being the youngest, crowned Our Lady. We played the song Hail Holy Queen from our Children's Rosary Glorious Mysteries CD during the crowning. Following the crowning, we began the Rosary. But then there was a surprise...another family came! The Children's Rosary group leader from the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury Connecticut, came with her daughter Marianne. We were all thrilled to see them both. Marianne quickly took her place kneeling next to my kids. At the end of the Rosary, we decided to crown Our Lady again as Marianne was now the youngest child attending the Rosary. We again played Hail Holy Queen and sang along. Marianne very reverently placed the fresh rose crown on Our Lady's head.
Today we had our monthly Children's Rosary at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish. We began the Children's Rosary with a crowning. This time it was little Ingrid who was our youngest child in attendance. 

With the help of her older sister, she place the crown of flowers on Mary's head. She promptly ran back to her mom saying "I did it". She was very pleased with herself. We had two boys who were making their first communion today join us for the crowning and part of the Rosary. We felt it was a tremendous grace for them to have this time in prayer before they had to line up for Mass. We prayed in a special way for them. 

This little crown of roses was placed many times on Our Lady's head. Roses were also placed at Her feet at the end of the decades of the Rosary. We did small things but we trust they have great meaning to Our Lady and also to the children. These little experiences, such as Crowning Mary, create memories for these children that last a lifetime. One might reflect on if you ever participated in a Crowning of Mary as a child. Do you remember the day? Most look back fondly on such memories. These experiences allow the roots of faith to go deeper in the soul and help to anchor us in the knowledge that we have a Heavenly Mother who loves us. 

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