Wednesday, December 26, 2018

"We Have a Problem"

In November we received an email from an individual in Argentina. She had learned about the Children's Rosary from a program that aired on EWTN called Nuestra Fe en Vivo. She was planning a Mission trip to Cuba and had hopes of starting the Children's Rosary in a parish there. After further communication we sent her a box of Children's Rosary books in Spanish and rosaries. She needed the materials by Christmas to carry to Cuba. We had approximately 1 month for the box to arrive which seemed sufficiently adequate. We were surprised how fast the box traveled from the United States to Buenos Aires. But then it seemed to sit without moving for some days. 

It was then that we received this email from Argentina on December 14th, 
"We have a problem. Yesterday I went to the post office to check the status of de package, because it's in Buenos Aires since several days. They told me that it will arrive very delayed, because the customs in Buenos Aires check everything that enters in the country. This week they were delivering the things that arrived in August."

A suggestion was made that a package could quickly be sent to Mexico which might be picked up during a long layover on the way to Cuba. This we did. Although due to the expense of a faster courier we could only send a small package with mostly books. 

Then something unexpected happened. On December 21st the package arrived in Argentina. While packages that had been waiting since August, were only being delivered a week earlier, the box of Children's Rosary materials seemed to sail in just in time for the Mission Trip. Indeed, God's timing is perfect. In reflection, it seemed providential that we had sent the second box which had arrived in Mexico. Now there would be more materials to bring to Cuba. Maybe it seemed Our Lord and Our Lady had some plans bigger then ours for this Mission trip. We will see how things unfold. Please keep this trip in your prayers. 

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