Friday, November 23, 2018

Our Lady Needs Open Doors

Recently, I was speaking with a Children’s Rosary group leader. She was sharing how she recently has felt inspired to gift a rosary to people she meets.  She carries a rosary ready to give away so if she meets someone and there is an opportunity to offer a rosary she is ready. She also gives them something explaining how to pray the Rosary. She explained that Our Lady needs open doors and when you give someone a rosary you open the door for Our Lady. 

In a similar spirit, over the summer we started putting Children’s Rosary books on a table by the Chapel. We had received permission to do this. We were surprised to see how fast they would go. We do not know who took them but we trust Our Lord and Our Lady can use these open doors. 

We would like to humbly invite individuals to consider purchasing a 10 pack of our Children’s Rosary books and putting some out in your Adoration Chapel or carrying one with you. Watch for an opportunity to give it to someone. You will be surprised how fast opportunities present themselves. 

Another opportunity to reach loved ones is through your Christmas card. When you send your cards make sure to say a prayer for the person or family who will receive your card. Consider buying a box of Children’s Rosary Christmas cards. They have a very sweet painting of the Baby Jesus on the cover. On the back is an invitation to join the children in prayer with our Children’s Rosary website. 

These little efforts open doors for Our Lady and Our Lord. Consider some of these ideas as little spiritual gifts this Advent. 


Our Children’s Rosary cards and books can be ordered there. THANK YOU ALL AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

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