Saturday, November 24, 2018

Haven't Found a Christmas Card this Year? We Have a Perfect One for You

Please consider this year sending out our new Children's Rosary Christmas card. This was painted by Abigail, a 10 year old member of the Children's Rosary. Great love was put into this card. The color is exquisite and there is a tenderness in the faces of the angels as they pay homage to the Baby Jesus. The message inside reads:

May Jesus be born in your heart this Christmas
 and may He grant you joy and peace.

The back of the card has an invitation to join the children in prayer and includes our website. It is a beautiful way to gently yet powerfully evangelize. With so many children praying in Children's Rosary prayer groups, these simple cards are a way for the children to reach souls. Their prayers are powerful. We also invite you to say a prayer for the person who will receive the card as you address it. Let us touch souls and help to draw them to prayer this Christmas. Thank you all and may God bless you.

* Note that there is a watermark on the image above that says Children's Rosary. This is not present on the cards.

Gift ideas that help to Evangelize this Christmas:
Children's Rosary T Shirts
Joyful Mysteries CD

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