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A School Principal's Experience with the Children's Rosary

Recently, I was able to speak to Principal Wright about his experiences with the Children's Rosary at his school: St. Francis Xavier in Birmingham, Alabama USA. They held their first Children's Rosary in May of 2017. The school has chosen to hold their Children's Rosary each Friday at 2:30 PM. The children all meet in their respective classrooms at 2:30. Over the intercom a group of children lead and then all the children respond. They rotate who leads each week. The children taking turns at the end of each decade, placing paper flowers they have made before an image of Our Lady as a teacher asks for the fruit of that mystery. In October and May the children often come together outside for a Children's Rosary before a statue of Our Lady.
Principal Wright was able to share some of the benefits he has seen since beginning a Children's Rosary in his school.
"Our school's participation in the Children's Rosary has had a significant influence on the direction and culture of our school.  Our school has become more peaceful and focused on Jesus, as the Blessed Mother changes hearts and gently directs our desires towards greater devotion to her Son."

Principal Wright liked having the children of his school all meet at the same time to pray each week. He explained, "I feel it is very important to have the children all praying at the same time in the classrooms. They are little prayer groups and yet one unified voice together."

When asked if he thought there is a benefit to participating in an international prayer group movement compared to an individual school implementing the Rosary?
Principal Wright responded, "The Children's Rosary is unique for three reasons: the Children's Rosary's promotes children praying the rosary for themselves, it's a prayer movement that unites children together all over the world in prayer together, and it models praying the rosary with reverence, devotion, and beauty."
Twice a month a Children's Rosary in Fairbanks, Alaska USA holds their Children's Rosary at the same time as the school in Birmingham, Alabama. This has been a special experience for the children. Both groups know they are unifying prayers. 
Principal Wright also mentioned,
"One of the things I very much like about the Children’s Rosary is that it is child led. This is important because the children take the leadership role. When they go home they are comfortable leading a Rosary and can lead their family in prayer."

We are very grateful to Principal Wright for sharing his experiences. While St. Francis Xavier has their Children's Rosary weekly during the school day there is flexibility in implementing the Children's Rosary on a monthly or even daily schedule. Some schools have chosen to meet together monthly prior to a first Friday Mass for example. Some groups may not be able to meet during the school day and for them meetings before or after school are an option. We did want to share the experiences of St. Francis Xavier school as it seems to be an implementation that has worked very well. The addition of using an intercom may also not be possible in some schools but for others they may like to use it.

More and more we are trying to reach schools and introduce the Children's Rosary. To this end, we just completed a new Welcome Letter to educators. If you would like a copy to share with a school please let us know by emailing Blythe at

"When you commit to a weekly Children's Rosary during the school day, you are inviting the Blessed Mother into the life of your school.  She will not fail to gently and powerfully move your school towards a greater devotion to her Son." ~Principal Wright

"Cuando te comprometes con un Rosario de Niños seminal durante el día escolar, estás invitando a la Santísima Madre a la vida de tu escuela. Ella no dejará de mover tu escuela de manera suave y poderosa hacia una mayor devoción hacia su Hijo". ~  Señor Wright (Director de Santo Xavier Escuela)

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