Monday, April 2, 2018

Our Lady's Plans Ready to Burst Forth

On Easter we began our Nine Day Anniversary Novena of Masses for the Fulfillment of Our Lady's plans for the Children's Rosary. It seemed all nature was bursting forth with images of buds just nearly open. And yet they were not open. Our prayers and sacrifices are important to the realization of all Our Lady wishes to accomplish. She needs our help.  In an effort to provide more help to Our Lady these days I have been trying to say 9 hour the top of each hour offering three Hail Mary's for her plans. St. John Vianney was fond of offering a Hail Mary at the top of each hour, too. I humbly invite others to offer this little gift to Our Lady.

As part of our novena of Masses, yesterday three Masses were said for the fulfillment of Our Lady's plans for the Children's Rosary. Two were celebrated through the Capuchin Missions and one by a La Salette Missionary priest. Today an additional three Masses were said. We hope to continue having three Masses said daily through April 9th. On April 10th, the 7 year anniversary of the Children's Rosary, we will begin a novena of 9 Masses in Thanksgiving. 

There are still open spots to sponsor a Mass.

This morning the scene was much changed from yesterday. 

A layer of crystal white snow covered everything. It was as if each bud had its own icing. 

The snow continued until branches hung down under the heavy weight. But around noon the sun came out and the snow disappeared very quickly. It was a heavy snow fall but with the warm spring sun the snow had not long to stay. Things are moving quicker now. There is an anticipation of all that is to come. In much the same way we try to help Our Lady to bring forth her plans. Time is important. She has much to accomplish. 

For those who would still like to sponsor a Mass donations can be sent to: 
Children's Rosary
PO Box 271743
West Hartford CT 06127 USA
Donations can also be made online HERE.

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