Sunday, March 11, 2018

How young is too young to attend a Children's Rosary?

Today we had a special treat. One of our regular families in our Children's Rosary group  brought their youngest child, Ingrid. She is just 20 months old. Ingrid's older sister who is 10 and older brother Timmy who is 8 were also there. Two of my children were present as well for the Children's Rosary. As soon as we saw Ingrid come in everyone had smiles on their faces. Her little voice was so sweet. She watched very carefully how the children knelt around the altar to pray and took turns leading at the podium. While she did not kneel down she did join her brother standing at the stool at the podium. Just a few tufts of hair could be seen extending above the podium but just the sight of that little bit of hair brought a smile to my face and heart. At the end of the decades, we have a tradition in the Children's Rosary to ask a child to place a rose before Our Blessed Mother. When I asked Ingrid she came over and with the assistance from her mother placed a rose before Our Blessed Mother. 

Even when I asked Ingrid's sister to place a rose she turned and called to her sister to help. Ingrid had infused so much joy in our Rosary today. I was so grateful to have her there. I could not help but think of her little soul. A fertile soil for the Lord to plant His seeds. How happy must Our Lady and Our Lord be to see these tender ones coming to spend time with Them. The children were taking so much joy in placing roses today instead of offering just one flower at the end of each decade we asked several children at a time until all our flowers were piled before Our Lady. As March is dedicated to St. Joseph my son Kostin had brought the statue we have in the Chapel of St. Joseph and the Baby Jesus before the children. Ingrid very much enjoyed touching baby Jesus and St. Joseph. Her father was in the pews watching and praying and the figure of St. Joseph in the Holy Family was a wonderful addition today.

Over time I have come to see that there is no child too young to come to a Children's Rosary. While our book says a target age range of 4-14. We welcome the littler ones, too. A baby in the arms of her mother hears the prayers and can receive grace flowing from a Children's Rosary. There is modeling that occurs during those tender years. There is an eagerness to learn and be a part of what the older children are doing. Likewise for the older children, having a child that needs their help is rewarding to them. They feel needed and this engages them in the Rosary in a special way.  Indeed there is something beautiful about a group of children of different ages praying together. They are like a bouquet of wild flowers. The little tiny delicate ones are just as beautiful as the big sunflowers. Such it is with our children. 

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