Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Four Years Ago on the Feast of St. Cecilia....

Four years ago on the Feast of St. Cecilia, the patron saint of musicians, the Children's Rosary humbly released a song. It was a song written for the Children's Rosary by Fr. Lawrence Tucker SOLT. He shared with us that while he was in prayer with his guitar, an idea came: wouldn't it be nice if the Children's Rosary had a theme song. A beautiful melody came as he began to play the guitar and the lyrics just as fast. Fr. Tucker kindly gave this song "Rosary Children" to the Children's Rosary and it has become our theme song.

Four years ago today, that song was made public to the world recorded by a male vocalist. Later, we released a version with children from the Children's Rosary singing this song. It can be heard on Youtube HERE.

We have invited Children's Rosary groups to sing this song at the end of their meetings. It is our hope that although groups exist all across the globe the children will learn the song in English. In this way there is a central song all the children would know and could sing together no matter what part of the world they had their groups.

We have provided subtitles in Spanish and French so that the children might know the meaning of the song but still we hope that the children could sing it in English.

We are grateful to God for this song. The children that sang the song in the recording are not professional singers but children whose experience is praying the Rosary. It is a simple song but made with love with the hope that it might bring joy to others and to Our Lord and Our Lady.

If you would like to obtain a copy of this song it is present on each of our three Children's Rosary CDs. The Sorrowful Mysteries CD has the version sung by Jeff Batter (I love this version as it reminds me of what the song might sound like if Our Lord sang it). The Glorious and Joyful Cds have the version sung by the children - also wonderful. The CDs are available through EWTN Religious Catalogue.
We also have available the song video with lyrics and the sheet music for the song available for printing as a pdf.

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