Thursday, November 30, 2017

9 Days and 9 Ways to Get Involved and Help the Children's Rosary: Day 3

Beginning Tuesday and for the following 9 Days we are highlighting ways people can get involved and help the Children's Rosary. For those unfamiliar with the Children's Rosary,  the Children's Rosary is a prayer group movement for children. It is an effort to begin in parishes, schools and orphanages Rosary prayer groups composed of children. These groups meet regularly to pray a Rosary as a prayer group. Some groups meet monthly, weekly or in some places daily. The children in the groups traditionally range in age from 4-14. But any child with an interest to attend should not be turned away especially those with disabilities who may be older. Children younger then 4 can also attend. More and more there is an appreciation of the benefit young children can receive from praying and seeing other children praying at a very tender age.

Today we would like to invite people to help get the word out about the Children's Rosary. Jesus in the Gospel reading at Mass today, invites Andrew and Peter to become fishers of men. So we ask you to cast your nets into the sea. Reach out to people and invite them to become a part of the Children's Rosary.

Here are some ideas:
• Going on a pilgrimage - order our Children’s Rosary DVD to play on the bus and request 100 pack of our Children’s Rosary bookmarks to share with your fellow pilgrims or those you meet.
• Order a 10 pack of our Children’s Rosary Books which explain how to begin a Children’s Rosary prayer group and also how to pray the Rosary and keep one in your pocket. Say a prayer that the Holy Spirit will guide each book into the hands it was meant for and bring beautiful fruits. See how fast the 10 go!
• Obtain permission from your pastor to leave out information about the Children’s Rosary such as our bookmarks or Children’s Rosary books in a special area of your Church or Adoration chapel.
• Contact us about ordering larger quantities of our Children’s Rosary books or our bookmarks to give away. Discounted pricing available.
• Sign up for news and updates at the bottom of the screen on our home page and share information with friends and family.
* Contact us at or call us at (860) 785 3340 with questions or for information about obtaining our bookmarks, bumper stickers, sample flyers, or large quantity pricing of our materials. THANK YOU!

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