Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Less Than 60 Days Until Christmas

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe but Christmas is 55 days away.  We recently had a Children's Rosary Christmas card printed. The cover painting was done by, Abigail, a 9 year old member of our Children's Rosary from Wisconsin.  When the final cards arrived I could not stop looking at them and found myself wanting to look in a special way into the face of Our Blessed Mother as I was praying the Rosary. There is something very gentle about the face of Our Blessed Mother in this painting.

In the past, a few Children's Rosary group leaders have expressed interest in having a card to share with families in their groups or maybe even the Pastor of the Parish. 

We wanted to give group leaders or others with an interest in obtaining some cards an opportunity to order some in time for Christmas. 
The inside of the card reads:
The Children's Rosary wishes you 
a blessed Christmas and a joy 
filled New Year.

We also humbly encourage those who may want to send some of these cards to include prayers in each card. Such as saying a Rosary for the person receiving it or even 1 Hail Mary.

If you are interested in the cards please write to Blythe at blythe.kaufman@gmail.com 
We are only looking to cover the cost of printing and the postage to send them to you. We are happy to make them available to people while supplies last. 

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