Sunday, March 26, 2017

"The children followed me needing rosaries ..."

During the Christmas holidays we sent a statue of Our Blessed Mother and the Baby Jesus for the Children's Rosary group in Entarara, Kenya.  The group there has grown from 50 children to 250 children.  An additional package of 30 Rosaries was sent.  Br. Cleophus relates that the statue was given to the children and 22 of the Rosaries. But eight Rosaries he kept to share with a church some distance from the group in Entarara. This remote Church, St. Michael Shartuka Catholic Church, is close to his home at least a days journey from the region of Rombo, Kenya. In this parish the children have never had exposure to the Rosary. Br. Cleophus was able to visit with them and share the eight rosaries he had remaining. (see picture above) They were very excited to receive them and expressed interest in beginning a Children's Rosary prayer group. As Br. Cleophus was leaving he relates, "the children followed me needing Rosaries but I did not have."  

Hearing of the children running after Br. Cleophus wanting a rosary of their own we were excited to recently put together another box for Br. Cleophus with even more Rosaries.  This time the package contains over 200 handmade rosaries. We are so grateful to those who lovingly make these Rosaries and donate them to the Children's Rosary.  We try to get each one into the hands of a child. We were also able to send some Children's Rosary books that explain how to begin a Children's Rosary prayer group as well as some Children's Rosary bookmarks.

We continue to invite people to unify prayers with the children when they meet in their prayer groups. The schedule of meetings is present on our website
The meetings are listed in your local time zone.  When a group is meeting it will show up as a blue flashing light on the View from Heaven map. You can hit the button "Join in Prayer" and become a gold blinking light. The Children's Rosary group in Entarara meets each Sunday. I hope you will consider joining them in prayer or one of our other Children's Rosary prayer groups meeting each day.

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