Sunday, January 1, 2017

Consecration to Jesus Through Mary January 1st 2017

Today we completed our Consecration journey.  We thank those of you who joined us in the 33 Day preparation to personal Consecration to Jesus through Mary.  For my children and I this was a re-Consecration Day.  We do it yearly along with other members of the Children's Rosary that want to participate.

As Mass came to and end the final song that was sung was Gentle Women.  Hearing the song I smiled as this was the song that was sung when my children made their Consecration on January 1st 2014. I always have very special memories from that day. One of the families who is part of the Children's Rosary who had been present on January 1st 2014 was also there today and also smiled to hear the same song sung.

In prayer leading up to Our Lady's Feast a little idea came.  As we recently released the French translation of the Children's Rosary book and released our new website maybe we should take this opportunity to Consecrate these new materials to Jesus through Mary on January 1 2017!  So today we gathered not only our new little book but all our materials and brought them to Mass.  We not only wanted to Consecrate ourselves to Jesus through Mary but also all that we have. The children arranged everything before the Holy Family which seemed fitting as today is the Feast honoring Mary as Mother.  We prayed our Consecration prayer and also gave everything to Our Lady that we could not carry such as the new websites. We read the Consecration prayer to the Sacred Heart as well.  In this way everything is under the protection of Christ and His Mother. 

For more information about doing a personal Consecration to Jesus through Mary click HERE. This can be done leading up to any Marian Feast. 

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