Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First Children's Rosary to Meet in Belgium on August 31st 2016

Dear Friends,

It is with great joy that I share some wonderful news.  On Wednesday August 31st the first meeting of the Children's Rosary in Belgium will be held in a small chapel in the Sanctuary of Banneux Notre-Dame! The Rector of the Shrine Fr. Leo Palm will be attending the Children's Rosary.  

"Chapelle Marie Médiatrice"
Several years ago an individual in Belgium reached out to the Children's Rosary with the hope that someday a Children's Rosary could begin in Belgium.  There was a hope that not only would a Children's Rosary begin in Belgium but that a Children's Rosary would begin at the Shrine of Banneux.  Humbly we placed this intention on the intention list sent out to Children's Rosary groups around the world.  The children prayed and we hoped.  Years went by and then this week news!  Yes, glorious news that indeed a group was forming at the Shrine of Banneux.  The new group leader wrote this evening that the meeting was chosen for August 31st the Feast of "Marie Médiatrice".  The chapel the children would be meeting in also shares the name of the Feast: "Chapelle Marie Médiatrice".  The group is very excited to "offer the gift of the Children's Rosary to our Mother Mary on her feast day!" 

We are also excited as this is our first Children's Rosary group which will be praying in French.  

The children will be meeting at 2PM local time in Belgium.  This will be 8AM ET.  Please consider joining the children in prayer.  The children have been asked to pray for all those unifying prayers with them.

In a special way we thank Our Lord for the grace which brought this new group to fruition.

In addition, we thank all those that have helped to organize this new group and those that have been working on translation of Children's Rosary materials into French.

Your Friend in Christ,

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