Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Palm Sunday Processions

Several of our Children's Rosary groups in Pakistan were able to help lead Palm Sunday Processions in their towns.  Our Children's Rosary group in Musa Dughl is pictured above. The children were able to carrying crosses made of palms through the streets on the way to the Church.
Our Children's Rosary group in Ugu Chal (pictured below) also helped to lead a Procession.  
The children of Ugu Chal helped to spread rose petals through the streets. Members of the Children's Rosary in Chahl Klaen, Pakistan and Buanpura Pakistan also helped with Palm Sunday Processions.  

One of the beautiful gifts of having Children's Rosary groups throughout the world is that the children can see the beautiful customs and ways other children express their faith from around the world.  A special thank you to Babu Chand for sharing these pictures and helping to coordinate these efforts in four towns on Sunday.

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