Thursday, March 31, 2016

Anniversary Novena of Masses

Dear Friends,

Children's Rosary at Our Lady
of Sorrows in Sharon, MA held
on Good Friday 2016
The fifth anniversary of the first meeting of the Children's Rosary is on April 10th. We have made it an annual tradition to offer a novena of Masses for the 9 days prior to the anniversary for the fulfillment of Our Lady's plans for the Children's Rosary. We then follow this with 9 days of Masses in thanksgiving. The support for this effort has always been strong and for the past two years we were able to have two Masses offered on each of the 18 days. There is something beautiful about this coming so soon after our Year of Mercy Novena of Prayer and Fasting. It is as if we were stripped down of our earthly attachments leading up to Good Friday. On that day we gave Our Lord our "Yes" to His will. Then with the graces that come through the many Masses said for Our Lady's plans, we are put to work in the vineyard of Our Lord. By offering Masses for the fulfillment of Our Lady's plans for the Children's Rosary, Our Lady's plans for each of us are included within this as we make up the Children's Rosary. With all things, this intense time of prayer and sacrifice is concluded with thanksgiving.

We still have dates open to sponsor for the Anniversary Novena of Masses.

If you would like to sponsor a Mass for the usual donation of $10.00, please email me at . We still have open dates! If there is a particular date you would like to sponsor, please let me know. I plan to request Masses through the Capuchin Missions, but if you would like to request a Mass be said at your Parish or another location this is wonderful as well.

April 1-9: For the Fulfillment of Our Lady's Plans for the Children's Rosary
April 10th-18th: Thanksgiving

Your Friend in Christ,

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