Thursday, February 11, 2016

Meet a New Member of the Children's Rosary: Awesome Dog!

May I introduce to you a new member of the Children's Rosary.  His name is Awesome Dog.  He is a service dog for his owner, Betty, who is blind.  

Betty began a Children's Rosary prayer group at Holy Cross Academy Elementary School in Massillon, Ohio USA this past fall.  She prayed very hard that Our Lord would send her someone to help her run the group.  Two wonderful sighted women stepped forward to help: Verla and Betty G.  Someone else came forward to help...Awesome Dog.  

Betty quickly realized that the children were immediately drawn to her black lab.  They crowded around him and were always asking questions about him.  The idea came that maybe Awesome Dog could help spread word about the Children's Rosary.  With the help of her Parish's Caring Stitchers, a Children's Rosary banner was made with the Children's Rosary logo.  Betty also attached a little miraculous medal to his harness, too.  Over the past two months we have been waiting for a picture of Awesome Dog with his banner.  This week a package came with two pictures.  One can't miss Awesome Dog in the picture as part of his harness seems to be reflecting light. In a beautiful way this little reflection is marking him out even though with his dark color he might have blended into the background.  

Indeed it seems that Our Lord and Our Lady can bring so many blessings and beauty out of every situation.  Recently, we have had another blind individual express interest in helping to begin a Children's Rosary in New Jersey.  She too would like to have a banner for her service dog.  So it would seem there are more people wanting to help...including dogs too!

On this beautiful Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, Awesome Dog, adorned with his Children's Rosary banner set to work helping to bring more children together for the Children's Rosary held today.

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