Wednesday, December 23, 2015

There is Still Time to Find Just the Right Christmas Gift

This time of year can get pretty hectic.  At Mass on Monday the priest emphasized this point by mentioning that with hospital calls and so much happening with Christmas fast approaching he didn't even have time to take a shower or put on socks.  He held out his foot to show his bare ankles.  He further said he was so busy he couldn't even find his comb so he had resorted to using his dog's comb.  We were all laughing but indeed things can become busy as one wants to make sure no one has been forgotten and everyone is remembered with something special.  The problem is finding that something special that will mean something to the person receiving it.  A few years ago, we began a little family tradition of saying Rosaries for family and friends.  This has continued to grow so that our time approaching Christmas and the 12 days of Christmas is consumed with prayer.  The added benefit to giving spiritual presents to loved ones is that as one spends this intense time of prayer we are all receiving grace, too.    

Last week we had two friends over for dinner.  The kids wrapped up the presents we had for them.  As our friends gathered in the living room the kids began to giggle.  They thought it was so exciting to share the gifts they had helped to present.  The gifts included the prayers we had said for our friends.  Each prayer was written on a colored paper shape.  Some of the shapes were stars, the moon and a manger.  The name of the person who had said the prayer was written on the back of the shape.  

The laughter seemed contagious and even I was laughing, too.  There was a feeling that maybe some of the laughter was nervousness.  As we all wondered what our friends would think when they opened the boxes.  I was surprised that little thoughts entered my mind.  Questions came wondering if they might be disappointed or wonder if we didn't care enough to buy them something.  I was actually very surprised these thoughts came as we waited for the boxes to be opened.  

Then as the boxes came open and each person saw what was inside, there was excitement.  It was just as the children had hoped, our friends loved their presents.  They were so touched that so much time had been spent praying for each of them and their families.  For each of us were re-learning about Christmas.  The kids were watching and learning.  I was learning.  Each time I take a chance and move in the direction of gathering treasures for friends from Our Lord I am never disappointed.  Another area we are re-learning is the fact that Christmas in not just one day.  It is 12 days and it ends on Epiphany.  That means all the Christmas gifts and cards do not need to be in each persons hands on December 25th.  Rather it is just the beginning of the celebrating.  In this way, the pressure of a December 25th deadline to remember each person is alleviated.  If you are reading this and feel stressed that so much is left undone or you wished you had done things differently this Christmas.  Don't worry there is still time.  The shelves are not empty in Heaven.  Take as much as you want for your loved ones.  One last thought, if you ever feel paralyzed that there are too many people in your life that you would want to pray for so hence it might be better not to start.  Let me share, I had that thought several weeks ago but in prayer I could feel Our Lady saying, begin start with one person.  Our Lord does not work at 10,000 feet he works person to person.  And so let us work in the same way.  Do not worry that you may not have time to pray for everyone...just rejoice with each soul you can pray for.  You may be surprised by how many souls you can cover in prayer.

Thank you all dear friends.  All the members of the Children's Rosary are being remembered in our Christmas Novena and on December 25th a Mass has been requested for all the members of the Children's Rosary and all who help the Children's Rosary.  God Bless you all.

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