Monday, July 6, 2015

New Children's Rosary in Nsukka Diocese, Nigeria

It is with great joy that we share these inspiring pictures from a new Children's Rosary group in Nigeria.  The new group is in Ogbodu-Abah Parish which is located in the Nsukka Diocese of Nigeria. In the beginning of May we received a call from a wonderful Dominican Nun: Sr. MaryAnn Perpetua who had seen the EWTN interview about the Children's Rosary and was interested in sharing this with the people of her home country of Nigeria. Sr. MaryAnn was currently studying in the United States and had a trip planned to Nigeria in only a few weeks.  Quickly the children put together a large package of Rosaries and Children's Rosary prayer books plus some CDs with our music.  Another person reached out to help the Children's Rosary with donated Rosaries and we were able to humbly ask that she send a large package to Sr. MaryAnn for her trip.  

Beautiful news arrived that Sr. MaryAnn was able to successfully start a new Children's Rosary in her home parish in Nigeria.  Their first meeting was May 30th 2015.  The Pastor of the Parish celebrated Mass in Honor of Our Blessed Mother and also for the members of the Children's Rosary. 

This new Children's Rosary group meets weekly and has 500 children participating.
We are very grateful to the pastor of Agbodu-Abah Parish and its members for embracing the Children's Rosary so beautifully.  A very special thank you to Sr. MaryAnn for all her help spreading the Children's Rosary further in Nigeria.  This is our second Children's Rosary group in Nigeria and we hope there will be many more.

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