Sunday, September 14, 2014

Missionaries of Charity hold a Children's Rosary

Children's Rosary at the Missionaries of Charity Convent
in Bridgeport CT USA
On the Memorial of the Most Holy Name of Mary, Friday September 12th 2014,  approximately 30 children gathered at the Convent of the Missionaries of Charity in Bridgeport, Connecticut for a Children's Rosary.  Prayers began with a Consecration of the new group to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary thus the group will be under the protection and guidance of Christ and His Mother.  

The sisters hold an after school program each day for the children in the area.  Most of the children speak both Spanish and English.  With so many beautiful children coming to the convent daily it seemed a wonderful place to begin a new group.  The children took turns leading the decades and placing roses at the foot of Our Lady at the conclusion of each decade.  The children finished prayers by singing our new Children's Rosary theme song: "Rosary Children".

I felt extremely blessed to be able to attend this Children's Rosary.  The sisters have such a simplicity, holiness and joy.  Praying in this little chapel with the tabernacle before us and a first class relic of Bl Mother Teresa hanging on the wall there was a feeling the Lord was with us and happy to see so many children in prayer.  Some of the children from the Children's Rosary in Waterbury, Connecticut also attended the Children's Rosary with the Missionaries of Charity.  It was lovely to see the children falling into a kneeling position before the statue of Our Lady and helping to guide these children who had never been a part of a Children's Rosary.  I could not help but think that these little ones would remember this day when they were older with children of their own.  Might they want their own children to have such an experience of praying with their friends and their heavenly Mother watching over them.  Yes, it is these experiences that will help to nourish the faith of these little ones, keep it strong and help such faith to be passed on through the generations.  I pray many of you will help to give more children the opportunity to come together in prayer as a Children's Rosary prayer group. Consider beginning a Children's Rosary prayer group in your Parish.  Share one of our Children's Rosary books or new Children's Rosary CDs with a grandchild or young family and join us in prayer.  We are all praying that more children will be led to Our Heavenly Mother in prayer and through her to the loving embrace of her Son.

As we began the Children's Rosary with the Missionaries of Charity, in a special way, we prayed for all the members of the Children's Rosary.  We thank you all and please know we are praying for you.

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