Friday, August 15, 2014

Loving Our Lady

On this beautiful Solemnity of the Assumption there is a feeling of love.  Our Mother is so good to us.  She loves her children.  Recently, one of the mom's sent me this picture from our monthly Children's Rosary group meeting.  After finishing the Rosary one of the precious little girls picked up the statue of Our Lady and hugged her. At first I thought maybe she was putting the statue of Our Lady away but on further reflection I could see she actually was just holding. Seeing the smile on this little girls face one can see there is a love and a joy in what she is doing. During such time spent in prayer a love develops, indeed such love from a child must be such a gift to Our Most Loving of Mothers.

Yesterday another wonderful moment.  Sitting on the city bus on the way home from work an older Polish women got on.  I recognized her from daily Mass.  She had just gone to the grocery store and had a bunch of flowers in her arms.  A little boy asked her about the flowers but she responded that she doesn't speak English. Yet no words were needed, there was a feeling in the heart that these flowers were for Our Lady as a gift on her Feast today.  Such acts of love are not new for this older women who often leaves Church by first stopping to touch Our Lady's foot or kiss her on the head. 

To see such love for Our Lady brings joy to the heart.  

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