Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Mother Teresa!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Mother Teresa who was born August 26th 1910.  Recently while waiting to enter Confession I happened to see a biography of Mother Teresa in the Church's lending library.  The book looked old and well worn.  A friend was with me and helped in picking it up as it is hard cover and very heavy.  The book was written by Edward Le Joly S. J. the Spiritual Director of Mother Teresa for over twenty-five years.  It is truly a gem.  Of particular interest to me were her early years when she felt the call within a call to begin her order: The Missionaries of Charity.  Joely writes of the early years when it was just Mother working in the streets alone.  

"Meanwhile God was training her-she had to feel utterly useless, inadequate to the task.  She had to cling to Him, throw herself entirely on Him: 'You, Lord only you, all for you: make use of me.  You pulled me out of my convent where I was useful. Now guide me as you wish.'"

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