Friday, December 25, 2020

The First Day of Christmas 2020

The Children's Rosary began an effort 6 years ago. We invited people to put a sign in their window through Advent that read: Patiently Waiting. It was a gentle way of witnessing where our hearts were during the journey toward Christmas. On Christmas eve, we replaced the Patiently Waiting sign with one that read simply: Christ is Born. 

We live in a place where people spend a good deal of time walking into town and pass this sign. Through Advent there are always people who do not understand the Patiently Waiting sign. But now we hope that all those questions are answered. For those who hear and see so many signs of the commercial side of Christmas this is a little sign that puts the focus on the true meaning of this season. 

We also replaced the purple bow on our wreath with a red one on Christmas eve. So often it seems Christmas appears to be the signal to take down the decorations. Frequently we see on December 26th Christmas trees start appearing by the curb of the street for pick up. It is sad to see the decorations thrown out so early in the true Christmas season.

These little things we do through the Christ is Born sign and the change to a red bow are our gentle witness to help others realize that Christmas is not a one day celebration. The 12 days of Christmas start on December 25th instead of end on this date.

We wish you all a very blessed Christmas from the Children's Rosary!

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