Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Joy of Giving

Members of our Children's Rosary in Naples, Florida have been busy working on making handmade rosaries. They were joined by other children wanting to help. Two hundred and fifteen handmade rosaries were recently sent to Kenya. The children also made cards to accompany the rosaries. These will be given to children who are waiting to form new Children's Rosary prayer groups in the Nairobi region. There is a joy and excitement that comes when one prepares a package over months. As each rosary is completed and the final knots tied one can imagine the face of a child taking that rosary for the first time. There is an anticipation of the little person taking hold of their own rosary. As the box fills and the time comes to bring it to the post office more excitement comes. While we do not always receive pictures back from the groups as they receive the rosaries, in ones heart a joy comes. It is a gift it seems given to the soul who has given a gift with love.
* A special thank you to the Legion of Mary who helped these children purchase the supplies needed to make these rosaries that were sent.

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